Academy for Chinese Language(Career-Crafters) Vashi.

The only  Affiliated  Institute  In Navi Mumbai


The only institute in entire Navi -Mumbai to train more than 1000 plus students for Chinese  Language Only .

The trainer name Satya /Shalom are associated with the Chinese  Training for last 12 years and have done their Bachelors and Masters in Chinese languages  

 Over many institutes have started running their foreign languages  for Chinese  Courses on our models and based on our course content. It's indeed a great feeling to have our organisation being duplicated so much. Don't make the mistake of joining a carbon copy with under-educated trainers at the helm, join our course which has been formulated and conducted by certified professionals (and that has students who give excellent feedback).

 We have students coming from L & T Infotech,SAIL ,Reliance Communications,PCS,Hexaware,TCS, Kingfisher Airlines,AIR-India,Wipro,IOC, BPCL,MBT,RIL,MASTEK,MPHASIS,CMS,E-SERVE,Godrej,Patni , i-GATE,Air-india,Frankfinn, etc



Many languages and dialects co-exist in China; however the most popular form to learn is Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of the people’s republic of China.Mandarin, or Beifanghua (literally "Northern Dialect"), or Guanhua (literally "official speech") is a category of related Chinese dialects spoken across most of northern and southwestern China. When taken as a separate language, as is often done in academic literature, the Mandarin dialects of the Chinese language has more speakers than any other language.

China is a vast country that takes time and patience to discover, it is estimated that it would take almost a lifetime to discover this uniquely captivating country. Why not learn the diverse Chinese language while becoming engrossed in the captivating Chinese culture, creative characters of Chinese literature and most importantly surround yourself with the most amicable people, possibly in the world? Quiz any traveller or Chinese language learner that has experienced China, they will praise the Chinese people for their courteous, good-natured manners. Travelling in China and practicing you Chinese language skills will broaden your mind while captivating your heart, the poverty of country can be depressing, however with your wide eyes and clear mind you will appreciate how fortunate you are to experience this compelling country and learn the Chinese language.

Prepare yourself for a culture shock, China is a densely populated country, with a dark communist history lurking in its past. The majestic landscape of China combined with its wonderful culture and history is an exciting adventure to undertake while learning the Chinese language. Visit Xi’an the heart of China’s history, close your eyes at Emperor Qinshihuang’s Terracotta Warriors, listen attentively, and you will hear the men preparing themselves for battle – spine tingling. Stroll trough the Beijing metropolis in awe at the contrast of modern and ancient. Of course, Tiananmen Square at the entrance of the Forbidden City, (the imperial palace during the Mung and Qing dynasties) is an essential experience to the Chinese language learner. Track the Silk Road by camel, which was a major trade route in the past joining East and West, and practice your Chinese language skills while doing so.

Why learn Chinese in China?

         Every fifth person in the world is Chinese.

         China is the third largest country in the world.

         With the increasing global and economic importance of China, it is important to understand the Chinese language in order to gain access to information available only in Chinese, to increase the level of understanding and gain a deeper knowledge of China.

         With the increasing number of Chinese tourists in Europe, it is important to know more about their background and their culture, these goals can be achieved by spending some time in China and learning the language.

         In the job market it will become more and more of an asset to be able to speak and understand Chinese.




Level 1 
The Chinese Language course Level 1 is meant for beginners who have no background of the language. The course will be taught by Subject Experts using prescribed texts in a direct and interactive method. 

The syllabus has been designed to promote interactivity in the student, which is the basic building block of learning a new language. The course will focus on all four skills of language learning - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We also offer advanced levels, Kindly contact us for more details. 

Course Highlights

  • Intensive drills in Tones & Pronunciation

  • Total words to be learnt – around 400

  • Chinese Character (script) writing – around 150 characters

  • Internet terms, computer terms, business terms (basic)

  • Knowing about Chinese culture, custom & traditions, manners & etiquettes

  • Films on situational dialogues, Chinese culture, festivals, etc.


  • Basic familiarity with language

  • Basic grammar & usage

  • Stress on spoken skills & listening comprehension

  • To acquire ability to carry on simple conversations in Chinese language (e.g. shopping, hotel booking, air booking, asking directions, at a restaurant, etc.) on the basis of learning the basic vocabulary of about 400 words.

  • To master basic grammar structures & around 150 characters (pictographs) of Chinese script.



The class is divided into four groups based on a student’s age and language ability. Each group will then participate in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

Beginning Level
This level is perfectly suited for those without any Chinese speaking ability. The class utilizes the textbook, Chinese Paradise, while teachers adjust each lesson according to a student’s level. To further build a solid foundation, the Beijing support team assists students in reviewing the session after class.

Elementary Level
This level uses the textbook, Easy Steps to Chinese, teaching students pinyin, strokes, numbers, greetings, family vocabulary, time, colors, body parts, etc. The abundant topics covered at this level are necessary for a basic Chinese conversation. Students also learn Chinese characters, from pronunciation to formation and meaning, leading into words and sentences. The Beijing support team assists the students to review the session after the class.


Intermediate Level
This level uses Easy Steps to Chinese as the textbook in an upgraded sequence from the previous level. Since students already have a basic understanding of Chinese at this level, these teachings rely heavily on oral Chinese instruction and interaction. Thus, students gain valuable communication skills and practices within a proper Chinese environment. This level builds vocabulary, sentence structure and short essay composition with regard to many topics, including weather, emergency situations and so on. The outcome of this level has students writing many Chinese characters, composing short stories and holding at length simple conversations. The Beijing support team assists the students to review the session after the class.

Advanced Level
This level uses Easy Steps to Chinese as the textbook, focusing heavily on sentence structure, reading comprehension, vocabulary, paragraph writing, and so on. Students are presented with increasing difficult tasks in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Beijing support team assists the students to review the session after the class.

 Phase 1:

The aim is to develop learner's ability to use phonetics in the Chinese Language (Hanyu Pinyin) accurately and for learners to be confident in basic social conversation. There are numerous real-life scenario dialogues being practiced during the class. After finishing this phase, students will be able to make some basic dialogue in Chinese, exchange daily greetings, and ask simple questions in Chinese.

Phase 2:

The purpose for this phase is to improve student’s ability in everyday Chinese dialogue and speaking Chinese. Apart from reviewing and improving what has been covered in phase 1, some traditional Chinese culture will be introduced during the class.

Phase 3:

Business Chinese Course trains students to develop their communication skills both in spoken and listening forms in order to conduct business in a Chinese Language environment. The emphasis is placed on the usage of business terms in modern Chinese and on language proficiency in a business context as well as on business related social - cultural awarenes



Dubai Chinese Learning Center (CLC) is a non-profit organization established on January 15th, 2007.

Open the doors to Chinese Level Exam HSK, GCSE, IB, AP and FB.

HSK, (short for Hanyu ShuiPing Kaoshi) is the exclusive official Chinese level test in China that is recognised internationally. We have in-cooperated the standard HSK Chinese level test papers in our assessment method, throughout the whole academic year, our students are tested and assessed with the standard HSK mock test papers. If your children stay with our curriculum and excel in their Chinese learning with us, they would be able to take up any of the exams like HSK, GCSE Chinese, AP Chinese, IB Chinese or Chinese for French Baccalauréat to prove to the world that they have mastered the beautiful language of the Orient.

The head of our CLC, Ms Lucy Chuang has been the jury of the Chinese level test in French Baccalauréat in UAE for the last few years. We have the full credential to make sure the students reach their full potential in the Chinese learning, and ultimately show case their achievement by successfully sailing through their desired exams.

Last year, having secured solid partnership with the Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, we have gained more access to the mature and professional teacher training to improve ourselves and enhance our teaching all the time, so that we can always keep up with the high standard of education of the international schools if not a step ahead of it. Our cherished partner could also provide us with the most adequate and up-to-date teaching material and the expertise of the master degree graduates from the University.

With the strong support from our partner: Department of Teaching Chinese as the foreign Language, Capital Normal Universe, Beijing, China, we are confident that our students will flourish and excel.

Language instruction is the main mission of CLC. Through hierarchical pedagogy, we ensure our students learn and retain their Chinese skills with a supportive team environment. We have courses designed for groups of beginning, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Everyone will find a suitable course in CLC.

Our teachers’ enthusiasm combined with an organized teaching plan and proper supervision play an important role in the quality of your outcome. In addition, there is an online support team in Beijing enhancing your classroom lessons. The method has proven to be the most efficient and effective way of learning Chinese.

At CLC, you will learn Chinese language and experience traditional Chinese culture. We randomly organize extracurricular activities providing students with special opportunities to glimpse Chinese traditional festivals, history and culture of the ancien




Career-Crafters( Academy for Chinese  Language ),Vardhaman chambers,322/-, b wing ,Third floor ,near hdfc bank ,above axis bank ,vashi ,navimumbai ,66099469,9320597489/  41233096

Career-Crafters(Academy for Chinese  Language) ,C-305,3rd floor,thakurniwas ,near tip top sweets ,opp thane railway station ,near ashoktalkies ,thane west ,41239098,41233096,9320597489



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